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Providing Stunning Patios and Decking in Plymouth

Based in Plymouth, Devon, the team at Morpheus Landscapes is committed to offering a wide range of services to our customers. From patios and decking to complete garden makeovers, there are services for everyone in the local area. Please call us for an initial conversation or send an email if you prefer. We offer a great range of services, and we’re happy to show you examples prior to work commencing.

Artificial Lawns

Artificial lawns have risen in popularity during the last decade due to increased demand and affordability. They offer the perception of a perfectly kept lawn without any of the traditional maintenance requirements.

If you're looking to improve your exterior space with an artificial lawn, we’re the company for you. Spending some time in the first instance with respect to design and build often saves time and money further down the line and we actively encourage this.

Complete Garden Makeovers

This is ideal for those who require a total redesign, renovation, or style change to an exterior for any purpose. We’re the company of choice for many, and this is due to our experience and skill in the area. A complete makeover requires thought, external expert opinion, and considerable planning to ensure that the outcome is as expected and that the project is managed as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Decking is a great way to smarten up areas of garden while improving safety and weather resistance in areas that may be difficult to maintain. It also provides comfortable space for sitting, walking, and even laying in your garden.


Our driveways offer a safe and secure place for car parking and provide an environment to load and unload vehicles in all weathers with maximum safety. Driveways do require pragmatic planning as the requirement can change and also often affect the value of a property overall, and this is why we take particular care with every project.


Land boundaries are important for all concerned and provide safety and security. Our fencing can be presented in a way that provides minimal obstruction if required, all while still ensuring the integrity of the boundaries. Fencing is important and it requires significant planning to ensure a safe and secure finish, so choose our team today.

Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are typically a redistribution of your existing space to help you enhance your property in a functional but stylish manner for any occasion. We’ve helped people utilise their space for external offices, children’s play areas, storage, and space to entertain guests, and we can do the same for you.


All types and styles of paving are offered and a patio can be a very sensible approach for those looking to create a low-maintenance yet practical outdoor space for entertaining friends and family. Patios are an important feature for many gardens and need to be planned carefully to ensure factors such as drainage, edges, and any future improvements are factored into the design.


Walling is important and can be functional as well as stylish. It can form boundaries as well as improving safety and security. We can advise on the different types of walling and how it will affect the overall look and feel of your property.

In some cases there may be regulations which need to be adhered to and we're happy do discuss these as appropriate.


“Tom has made such a massive difference to our nightmare garden. He’s hardworking, professional and knowledgable. Very happy with the work he’s done for us. I look forward to watching their business grow.”


“A professional and reliable service from start to finish. Very pleased with our new patio.”


“Excellent worker likes to complete a job to the standard we would all like.”

CONTACT US, in Plymouth, Devon, to find out more about our decking and patios.